Institute form and function

Form:  The Institute is a member constituted, market facing and profit making Limited Liability Corporation.  It is the center of a ‘hub and spoke’ network of individuals and affiliated organizations, both profit and not-for-profit. 

 Function:  Chartered to pioneer and share effective intrapreneurial skills and management techniques, The Institute is a research, advisory, education, publishing and conference organization.  It is patterned after successful models i.e. – The Lean Institute and the Dartmouth Institute for Health Care Policy & Clinical Practice.

Individual association

Role: The Institute is principally an association of individual contributors, where appropriate participation is supported, endorsed or sponsored by institutions. The Institute pools and focuses resources, interests, and intellectual property (IP) to rapidly learn what does and does not work in the changed economy. While a platform to inform, fund and expedite research, The Institute is market engaged and deploys services and solutions developed using intrapreneurial precepts. Its purpose is first to experiment, then drive understanding and influence (i.e. content and IP) to practical impact. It is not a think tank.

Membership: To do this The Institute is ‘recruiting’ established leaders of business, government and academia. These leaders will establish the agenda, identify opportunities for research, share IP, help source resources, and review, critique and publicize results. They share strong concerns about the future of the economy, business growth and the legacy being left behind.

Contribution: Participation involves modest and limited commitments of time. The Institute is seeking endorsement and appropriate references, strategic and tactical direction of effort, as well as the willingness to share experience, thought leadership and access to IP. Financial contribution is based upon the level of membership or sponsorship.

Enterprise affiliation

Role: Membership in The Institute is open to individuals and enterprises, including corporations, universities and governmental agencies, and may take the form of contribution, membership or sponsorship. Members determine their levels of commitment and forms of participation. The options range from proactive support to contributor of resources, including people, IP and working capital.

Membership: The Institute is recruiting research and teaching universities, economic development agencies, investment groups and businesses. Members will influence the agenda and are expected to support the activities of The Institute. Members have advantaged access to The Institute’s resources, services and results.

Contribution: Participation involves contribution of working capital in the form of annual subscriptions. Rates are graduated to reflect three levels of commitment and benefit.

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