Regarding The Institute for Intrapreneurship and it’s mission

“The issues that The Institute addresses are valid, acute and apply directly to Utah, its companies and citizens. The Institute is a big, bold idea that can drive real impact and value for the State.”

Michael J. Savoie, Ph. D., Dean of the College of Technology & Computing, Utah Valley University


“Active collaboration with The Institute for Intrapreneurship will allow The Lean Enterprise Institute to be part of the solution to the problem that over the last 20 years we helped create – excess supply and insufficient demand. Lean Thinking changed how the world produces its goods and services. Intrapreneurial thinking is what is now needed to change how the world produces value-creating innovation”

James P. Womack, Founder of The Lean Enterprise Institute and author of ‘The Machine That Changed the World’ and ‘Lean Thinking.’


“Intrapreneurship is the discipline that must be understood and applied to future growth of enterprises and sustainable prosperity of individuals. Intrapreneurship is the new key to unlocking healthy productivity of businesses, the economy and people.”

John Shook, President and CEO of the Lean Enterprise Institute


“Despite their scale and scope, many established firms have difficulty developing and implementing innovative new strategies.  The economic consequences of these unrecognized and unrealized opportunities can be staggering both for these firms and the communities within which they operate.  The Institute for Intrapreneurship was created to address precisely these issues.  It provides a setting within which the latest thinking about innovation and growth can be applied to real problems in real companies.”

Jay Barney, Presidential Professor of Strategic Management Pierre Lassonde Chair of Social Entrepreneurship Chair, Entrepreneurship and Strategy Department Eccles School of Business The University of Utah


“Successful entrepreneurs are mostly ‘more lucky than good’ – which is why they seldom stick around for the long run, and often try it again to prove they are good. Intrapreneurs have to be incredibly good – not just lucky – to be successful innovators. This means they need really effective tools and unwavering support of leadership and culture – weapons not yet generally available. The Institute for Intrapreneurship is what is needed to provide would be innovators those weapons.”

Terry B. Jones, Founder of Travelocity, current Chairman of Kayak


“All economies face a growth paradox: Those with the skills to launch new businesses have limited access to capital and those with access to capital, such as long established companies, have limited skills to launch new businesses. Venture capital has emerged to solve the first strand of this paradox, but few entities have emerged to systematically solve the second—until now. The Institute for Intrapreneurship aims to reignite growth in lagging sectors by partnering with corporations, academia and government to help established companies claim the full measure of their innovative opportunities. I strongly endorse the work of the Institute as filling this essential missing piece in the overall picture of growth in the economy.”

David J. Bryce, Ph.D. Economist and Associate Professor of Strategy, Marriott School, Brigham Young University


“By now the case for innovation driven growth is established.  And the challenges facing innovators – enterprises and people – are clear.  Our research, writing and speaking, among others, have made that case.  We now seek impact; the practical application of understanding of what has been learned about innovation and innovators.  The Institute for Intrapreneurship is chartered to collaboratively drive both understanding and impact.  I am a therefore strong supporter and a committed contributor.”

Chris Trimble, Amos Tuck School of Business Administration,and co-author of The Other Side of Innovation: Solving the Execution Challenge, Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution, Reverse Innovation: Create Far from Home, Win Everywhere, How Stella Saved the Farm: A tale About Making Innovation Happen.









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