Growth Centered Innovation

Organizations looking to grow beyond the incremental changes of normal product improvements must look to a culture of Intrapreneurship that will bring about the “breakthrough” or “disruptive” innovation.  Building a team and providing all the necessary resources will require a new business model, often outside the core business method and processes.  The Institute is dedicated to helping each organization identify the strategy and means to accomplish “growth centered innovation.”

The Pathway to Growth Centered Innovation

 Innovation is key, but difficult

Innovation is now recognized as crucial to growth of companies and the economy. The inherent conflict of innovating while sustaining the ongoing business represents a challenge. Creating Growth Centered Innovation℠ – the sustained conversion of an idea and invention to innovation, income and growth (i4g)- requires new dexterity and unprecedented collaboration within and between organizations. Such real innovation currently triggers uncertainty and can freeze even the most experienced managers. While innovation may be imperative for growth, it evokes the anxiety of ‘changing a tire on a moving car . . .’ No forum exists to address these problems. Until now!

Intrapreneurship is required

The case for innovation is compelling.  Practical application and impact is now required.  This calls for an accelerator and force multiplier of the research of thought leaders, the vision of innovators, and the experience of operators to pool interests to pioneer answers.

 Growth Centered Innovation is built on collaboration using a specialized combination of skills, techniques, resources, organization, culture, and responsive leadership – an emerging discipline called ‘intrapreneurship.’   Because intrapreneurship is often disruptive, most enterprises are not organized, resourced or committed to undertake the effort necessary to gain understanding and build environments of sustainable breakthrough innovation.

Case for collaboration

Silver Park Group, LLC (SPG), founder of The Institute for Intrapreneurship, is an experienced practitioner of intrapreneurial principles, and understands the anxiety and resistance experienced by organizations at all levels when confronting the need to step up their ability to innovate.  SPG has ideas as to why this is true, but doesn’t have all the answers; nor does anybody else.  The structure of The Institute is dictated by the conviction that compelling answers to new problems can best be found in collaboration between the key stake holders – business, academia and government.  As answers are found, The Institute and its resources will drive impact and implementation of the actions necessary to change organizations.

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